Candidate For County Commission District 2 - Chris Constance

The following information is provide to help better inform Republican voters for the Primary election.  We do not endorse one Republican over another. 

Chris Constance Is the current elected Commissioner for District 2. He is running for re-election 

From His Statement:

Chris Constance is a local physician and business owner who has served on the Charlotte County Commission since 2010.  He brings a common sense approach to make Charlotte an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

 He is seeking office to promote efficient and effective government and to continue to bring fiscally conservative policies to our county.  He strives to keep our community safe and support law enforcement with the resources they need, to keep taxes as low as possible while providing excellent service and to promote economic development to create jobs and expand the tax base.  

The primary issues Chris sees the county facing are roadway infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure, avoiding budget increases and smart development, not unrestrained sprawl, and getting educators to teach to workforce needs of the community.   

Among his many committee assignments,  Chris is currently chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, responsible for regional transportation planning working with FDOT on project identification and prioritization.  He is also chair of the Florida Gulf Consortium and chair of the Tourist Development Council.  He believes that the commissioners are servant leaders who must be responsive to the needs of the taxpayers and must hold commercial interests accountable in paying their fair share. 

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