New Precinct Leadership Join Our Ranks.


Sixteen new Republican Committeemen and women sworn in on May 27 at the Executive Committee quarterly meeting   

Independents Forfeit Voting Opportunities

When voters choose to be “independent,” they forfeit their chance to pre-select their choice of whom will be on the ballot for President, Senator and other important Federal, State and Local offices in November when the general election takes place. In Charlotte County, largely Republican,  often the final choice for whom will assume key local offices takes place in the primary election.  

When a large percentage  of our population does not participate in the primary process, our election system as a whole may be compromised by not having their weigh-in in the selection of who will ultimately run for key elected offices including the presidency.  

While there may be a lot of moral or symbolic satisfaction in skipping primaries by declaring oneself “independent,” in a practical sense it’s a surrender of one of the most important political rights you have and could pose a threat to our Republic.  

We encourage your full participation in our political process.   And if you believe in a limited Federal Government, fair immigration policies with secure borders, equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability, we hope you will consider registering as a Republican.  

It is quite easy to change your registration.  Go to  

Fight Back against Fake News - Don't Cancel - Fight

It's easy to say I'm going to cancel the local paper when they continuously run articles against our conservative values and our Republican officials like Ron DeSantis, our Governor.  But, unfortunately, until someone can come along with the bucks to start a local newspaper that will compete, we are where we are and can't afford to give up on a megaphone that reaches thousands of citizens in our community. So what to do.  Do what the Dems do -- Fight.  

Write letters to the editor supportive of Republican legislators, and supportive of legislative initiatives that will protect our vote, protect parent's rights in education.  Write letters supporting our Bill of Rights - freedom of speech, the right to bear arms.  Respond to negative articles and editorials in the paper -- present good arguments against them.  If you don't have time to write letters yourself, join our letter writing group and we will help.  Go to and volunteer.  

If you are really angry, talk to advertisers and ask them to tell the paper to get more articles and editorials in the paper that support conservative, Republican issues and events. Our county has 2/1 registered Republicans.  Advertisers want to reach them.   The advertisers have more power with the press - they pay a larger portion of the bill.  

You accomplish very little by canceling your local subscription  They will carry on without your subscription.  What we need to do is intervene and do everything we can to get our message out.