The Media is at it again -- from the Desk of Christian Ziegler, Vice Chairman, RPOF


Shocking to no one, the media is at it again.

Their response to our Save America Rally featuring President Trump in Sarasota is to try to generate a narrative that there is a "rift" between The President and our Governor, Ron DeSantis, over logistics of the rally.

First - I can first-hand vouch that this simply isn't true. I have been on the ground for the last week working with Team Trump, Team DeSantis and Team FloridaGOP to plan and execute this rally, and I can report back that their narrative is a lie. In all my discussions and engagement with the individuals helping to host the rally, no example of a rift has been spotted.

Second - Keep an eye out for these tactics going forward. President Trump launched a national movement fueled by record energy that no one has seen before. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become the poster child for how to lead a state, respond to COVID and fight back against the Left. Our Republican Party of Florida is jam packed with momentum and energy as Pres. Trump and Gov. DeSantis working hand in hand to advance our party. We saw it in 2020 when Florida outperformed not only our 2016 win for Trump, but almost every other state for Pres. Trump, and we'll see it again in 2022 when Gov. DeSantis crushes whomever the Democrat Party runs.

The Left and The Media knows this. They see the poll numbers. They feel the energy. The are hearing from The People. And it scares them. Thus, the fake news narratives will be launch to try to divide us. My suggestion is - Ignore the fake news narratives, keep moving and stay unified.

Lastly - I hope you will join us in Sarasota for the Rally TOMORROW.

Christian Ziegler
FloridaGOP Vice Chairman