Sunday, February 14, 2021

Time To Clean House

 The Democrats knew they had no chance of impeaching Trump. That wasn’t  their goal.  They were trying to destroy not only Trump but the entire Republican Party, and chastise everyone who voted for Trump. They wanted to condemn in front of the nation all attempts to discredit the election and hence their puppet-president - Joe Biden. 

The entire kangaroo impeachment  trial was an absurd blending of unreasonable argument with no evidence.  As so-called evidence, the House managers showed outrageously misleading cuts of film and inflammatory footage showing the perpetrators of the intrusion of the Capitol, whom we all agree were wrong and should be dealt with under the law.  This did nothing to prove that Trump was the instigator. The only other support of their argument they had were reports from mostly left-winged news outlets. 

In his closing argument Trump’s lawyer expressed the outrage we must all feel at the bloated hypocritical theatre presented by the Democrats. He didn’t just speak for Trump. He spoke for us. It wasn’t just Trump on trial. It was us. All of us who supported and voted for a man who did some great things for our  country and stood by his promises to us.  

There were some who were not outraged. They likely didn’t vote for Trump. They are phony, arrogant politicians who shouldn’t be a part of the Republican Party. We know who they are, I don’t need to repeat the six names. Two will be gone on their own. The others need to go and we need to support any effort to be rid of them from representing the Party.  

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  1. I am a Republican because …… The nine beliefs are listed on the Charlotte county Republican party webpage. The first one deals with each person’s dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored. But the author of this post must not agree with this because they attacked the dignity of fellow Republicans who believe in these nine beliefs but may have differing opinions. And because they do not agree with the authors opinion then they are labeled as phony, arrogant politicians and should not be a part of the Republican party.

    That being said let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up on the East coast of Florida. All of my adult life I have been a Republican. My first years I was in the military (retired) and supported Republican candidates with my vote. After leaving active duty I spent most of my time working for a large South Eastern company whose management was strongly supportive of the Republican party. I provided contributions to both the party and individual candidates. 31 of those years were spent in Georgia, so most of my dealing have been with Georgia politics. When I retired, I first moved to Cape Coral and then to Charlotte county. I have been pleased with how Charlotte County government is run and feel that it could be an example for other county governments. They seem to be fiscally responsible and follow for the most parts all of the nine beliefs. I believe that they also follow a tenth belief that the county comes first. That is what is best for the county and its citizens. It that is shown in many of the government offices and projects.

    My tenth belief is that what is best for the country and its citizens must come first. Maybe that was because of my time in the military but feel that everyone should feel that way. We must dial down the rhetoric and promote real values and not just promoting sound bites and attacks on those who may not agree with us. Yes, they are American too.

    That brings me to my last point. I have witnessed the Republican party change over the years (change can be good). But I have always been a center right Republican and have seen the party moving to a more extreme stance. And based on the Rhetoric and labeling which really does not add a value to any pollical discussion, where do I fit in? I do not agree with many things said in this post (but that does go against the nine beliefs). So, does that mean I am not a Republican?