Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Setup of Mike Flynn

We all, all Americans, should be outraged and frightened. Outraged at the audacity of the Obama administration’s operatives who went after a three-star General and put him through over three years of hell.  Frightened that the America as we know it has been totally compromised by people trying to hold onto  power. Wow!  

If this weren’t what really happened and it wasn’t so frightening, it would be the best political thriller ever..there is not enough popcorn. 

The case to setup Mike Flynn started in the Spring of 2016.   It came to fruition when on August 16 of 2016, the FBI opened up a case against him not on the phony Steele dossier. The stated reasons for starting the case were ridiculous. The electronic communication released on May 7, 2020 indicated that the reasons were that he was an advisor to Trump, he knows people in Russia, and he traveled to Russia in December, 2016. Seriously?  How many US citizens, other than advising Trump criteria, might meet these other criteria. I know people who took river cruises in 2016 to Russia and know people in Russia - should they be investigated by the FBI?  

You have been lied to. In transcripts released May 7, Jim Clapper, Obama’s chief intelligence officer, according to testimony held in secret by the Schiff committee, admitted under oath that he saw no evidence of anyone in the Trump campaign involved in collusion with Russia. While Adam Schiff has been claiming such evidence, there was no one willing to testify under oath  to this. Nothing targeting Mike Flynn was true.  It has been all a fraud. 

The FBI investigated Mike Flynn based on a collusion that didn’t exist. The dossier was fake.  The Russian collusion was fake.  The FBI knew this, but they needed to get Mike Flynn. 

Then in January of 2017 the FBI is in a panic.  They know they have nothing on Mike Flynn. Comey and McCabe can’t let Flynn become Trump’s national security advisor.   It was then that in a meeting between then President Barak Obama, Susan Rice, Jim Comey, Sally Yates and Biden and others that it was cooked up to use the Logan Act to setup Mike Flynn.

The 221-year-old Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from conducting foreign policy on behalf of the U.S., has never resulted in a conviction. 
Since the Logan Act was a flimsy alternative, Comey thought they catch Flynn lying to the FBI. Comey sent,  according to his own gleeful admission on a late night talk show, agents to interview Flynn  under false pretexts. Former FBI director James Comey acknowledged in 2018 that he set up the interview with Flynn bypassing the normal protocol of going through White House counsel. This decision was “something I probably wouldn’t have done or maybe gotten away with,” he  said, “in a more organized administration.”

Mr. Flynn was setup by an arrogant group of people who abused their power to help stage the takedown of our elected President and protect their own interests. 

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