Monday, June 1, 2020

Backhoe Chronicles- Madness

I have been struggling with what to post about the madness that is sweeping big cities around the country.
Last night I watched St. John's Church, located just across from the White House, partially burn. I got sick to me stomach....
Then it dawned on have heard me, and seen me write, we are engaged in a struggle, and have been since 2016, for the heart and soul of these United States.
If you believe like I do, that America was settled and founded as a new Jerusalem, a light to the world, a city on a hill, then you know that this is as much a spiritual battle as it is a political battle.
And so it dawned on me...we must pray as much as we are also politically active.
This anointed Republic is under attack by forces that no one saw coming.
We know that the rioters and anarchists are not the same people who rightfully protest over the senseless murder on Mr. Floyd.
Rather, the forces arrayed against us are taking advantage of the event and .. here is the worst part... there are so many mayors who do not have the moral clarity to see the difference.
They want to be so sensitive to the legitimate protesters that they are blind to the evil that rises up in the name of protest. And the result? The Minneapolis Mayor and others tell the police force to stand down!
My God! Death, destruction and mayhem is not legitimate protest! 
And we see that lack of moral clarity repeated in city after city.
We know the answer...
In this political cycle, we must work like it is up to us...
And pray like it is up to God.
America is, and has been, a light to the world.
We must not let that light grow dim on our watch!
Peter Feaman

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