Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Vote by Mail is Safe and Secure - Here are Options

 Voting by mail in Charlotte County is safe and recommended.


A vote by mail ballot request is only valid for only 2 election cycles.


Voting by mail gives you options.

1: Vote and return the ballot by mail, no postage required.

2: Vote and return the ballot to one of the drop off locationssuper early voting.

3: Vote and return the ballot to an early voting venue.

4: Vote and take the ballot to your polling place on November 3rd.

5: if you change your mind you can go to early or normal voting and ask for a

   replacement ballot.


To check on your request for a mail ballot or to request a mail ballot: 


Go to https://www.charlottevotes.com/ and answer the questions on the home page.

After you mail in your ballot  you can also check the status of your ballot at this site.

(J Druyer)

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