We are Failing to Teach Children Our History Well

Socialism has gained traction in  this country because of ignorance. Our young people, who did not witness firsthand what the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and its Eastern European client states were like,  have not been taught about it accurately.  Most don’t understand that socialism means giving power to a central government which in the many examples throughout history used that power to destroy liberty. They have been led to believe by left wing educators and politicians that capitalism is pure evil and that socialism leads to a utopia with free college and healthcare for all.  

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, a Pew Research study found have on the whole a very poor knowledge of history.    Moreover,  instead of learning that America has been the greatest force for freedom in the history of the planet that has enabled unparalleled wealth for its citizens, our young people have been taught a progressive propaganda imbuing guilt over America's shortcomings.  They have been given textbooks that focus on the failings of our founding and road to prosperity placing emphasis on the bad treatment of  indigenous people, the condoning of slavery and  imperialism. Slanted and disputed by highly respected historians, a “1619 Project” document is being widely distributed to be used as a part of the curriculum across the country.  

Socialism can take root only where there is ignorance of its failures and atrocities in the past. It can flourish when it is falsely glorified and when a nation’s democratic history is undermined by exaggerations of its missteps instead of a truthful teaching of its successes.  Learning accurate history is essential for a free society.  We are failing to ascertain that are children are  being taught about the greatness of our county and how it has provided them with more freedom and opportunity than any other people have experienced. 

America’s monopolistic, bureaucratic, over-regulated system of public schools dominated by powerful teacher’s unions that benefit by supporting a powerful centralized government has provided the infrastructure for introducing socialistic principals into our schools at a very early age.  Accurate history that reflects positively on the American experience is being overrun with history taught from a biased leftist perspective.  

Parents and grandparents need to be involved in their children’s education. Question as to what they are thinking and why.  It might surprise you and enable you to address issues in their educational experience early on.  Look at textbooks and discuss classroom learning.  There is a Bill HB 241  now in the Florida House of Representatives that is important to supporting parent’s rights in access to information about their children’s education.  Support it.  Write Michael Grant, your Representative and tell him so.  

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