Sunday, June 14, 2020

Who is Behind Black Lives Matter

Bill Abatematteo

The  abysmal record of Democratic leadership in our cities over the past 50 years is a matter of historical record.  What also is true is that the ills of our inner cities didn’t start three and a half years ago either.  

Trump didn’t cause them.  These cities have been in decline since the Great Society legislation was introduced in the mid 60s.  Poverty, violent crime has increased while the traditional family structure has disappeared.  

But what’s going on isn’t about this or the accusation of systemic racism in America or in police departments.  That’s just a ruse for what’s really going on behind the scenes which is the destruction of America.  

Not by blacks or anyone rallying to their sincere cry for justice, but by a Marxist movement that has been trying for decades now to topple our government.  

Unable to win elections as members running under the Communist Party USA or the Socialist Party of America, they had to devise a new game plan if their mission was ever to succeed.  They decided to hi-jack one of the two major parties, infiltrate them and win elections.  They chose the Democratic Party, ostensibly because they were susceptible and willing to embrace “progressive” ideas, not realizing that these newcomers where sheep in wolves clothing.  

To gain popularity and momentum and power they realized the ultimate “class warfare” was racism, and began to ramp up that game a decade ago.  They have taken a page right out of the Bolshevik playbook, using “systemic racism” and oppression to get others to do their dirty work, much like Lenin, and later Stalin did in Russia and the National Socialists did in Germany.  

They have hi-jacked many organizations and turned them and their supporters into tools for their radical goals.  BLM is one of those organizations that has been hi-jacked.  Their new mission on THEIR webpage is 1) to defund and abolish the police; 2) eliminate the traditional family structure of Western society; and their newest one, to establish armed groups in the inner cities to protect citizens who are victims of police violence.  See the pattern?  Protect citizens from the police?It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what that means or how that movie plays out.

Bill Abatematteo

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