Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Sadly Watching Our American Cities Under Seige - As Democratic Leaders Step Aside

Sadly we watch as our major American cities are being looted, burned and ruined by criminals and domestic terrorists.  Meanwhile we watch as the New York Governor and Mayor debate and ponder late into the afternoon as to whether to declare a curfew, then do so in the early evening for 11 p.m. Really?  The next day the Governor goes back to the slideshow and fails to take the responsibility he should have.  Instead of sending in the National Guard to support the weary, unsupported New York police, he does nothing.  Just chastizes the police.

We watch as a feckless Minneapolis mayor lets extremists and hoodlums take over police precincts and run wild destroying minority businesses. We see hoodlums in Phildelphia set fire to police vehicles. We watch as police are attacked and shot.  Instead of being supported to end this violence, police are being told to stand down. Many videos show police watching as men in masks walk by boldly with bats over their shoulders or other destructive instruments.   This can't be our country.

It is almost a cliche at this point to say that this is not about a black man who was horribly and senselessly murdered by an out-of-control policeman.  This is about chaos and anarchy.  This is about lack of leadership.  Where was the leadership of a mayor or his predecessor in weeding out bad cops long ago before this horrendous precipitous incident happened?  This is about governments that are not doing their job. Cities have continued to reelect these weak politicians - democrats who make empty promises while they lead our cities into decline and destruction and let anarchists and hoodlums take control in a crisis.

There is only one answer -- change - change the leadership of these cities. If liberals in New York want to shop on their 5th Avenue shops again, they better wise up. 

T. Murtha

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