Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Socialism and the Group leading the way in America. Meet Indivisible.

This election is a fight for our values as Americans against socialist elites hungry for power who want to change America forever. Socialism has never empowered the average guy.  That guy always ends up in the street begging for food or worse, e.g. Venezuela.  What really happens is the the connected always benefit.  It is no surprise then that it is these elites with their supporters  in academia and the mainstream media, who push this socialist ideology.  When the revolution that you hear them forecasting  these days comes, it is they who expect to be in power.  They truly believe they are better than all of us and should have power over us. They are the people our Constitution was set up to stop from taking over.  They are people  like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bill DeBlasio and AOC.  Nancy Pelosi and Schumer desperate to hold on to their remaining power have also begun bought into this ideology.

They are also the people behind organizations called  “Indivisible” founded by people who were unhinged  by Trump’s  election which thwarted their rise to power.  The Democratic left likes to call Trump “the divider in chief,” but the rhetoric of Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders and other democratic socialists shows who truly wants to divide the country to gain power.  It is they who now believe they will have power over a half-demented, weak President Biden so they can fully orchestrate their agenda. 

If you haven’t heard of the group Indivisible it’s time to learn  about them. They are essentially socialism in America on the rise.  Indivisible Groups have been formed all over the country with the sole purpose of undermining our President. One  of their early agenda items was support of a Trump impeachment.  Indivisible has been working quietly in the background but has more recently become emboldened and has aligned themselves essentially taking over protest and other activities for Black lives Matter only with a much broader and more sinister very left-wing progressive agenda.  They are the ones that came up with Defunding the Police, not BLM. They are not black they are white extreme leftists.  

The organization was formed right after Trump was elected by a group of former democratic congress member staffers.  They modeled the organization after the Tea Party with chapters in cities and towns across the country - many are mostly involved with do-gooder type activities, environmental stuff and the like - but ready to take up the true cause.  They have had programs dedicated to harassing members of congress to thwart forwarding Trump’s programs and approvals of appointments.  They claim credit for getting the Democrats  back the house in 2018.  Their last big drive was supporting the impeachment of Trump with nationwide marches and other activities,  They recently partnered with Black Lives Matter essentially taking the leadership role in many of their protests.  For instance, the Black Lives Matter protests in Punta Gorda and other cities around the country were organized by local Indivisible groups.  

Go to https://indivisible.org to learn more.  

- t murtha

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