Monday, July 13, 2020

What the Polls Don’t Capture - Peter Feaman.

The news media can conduct all the polls they wish to in order to dampen pro-Trump enthusiasm and to discourage voter turnout....

What the polls do not capture (and never will) are 2 things:

1. Registration of new voters and the Trump grass roots campaign.
Here is a direct quote from the Chairwoman of the RNC: "We have been building up our ground game for the past year. We have had people in all of these battleground states. We have the highest staff that we have ever had and we have activated over a million volunteers. And the Biden operation has not been existent. So, the second the pandemic hit, we went completely virtual, we haven't lost a step and we’ve continued to do voter registration. And we have registered more voters already than we did in the entire 2016 cycle."

So, when a media outlet or other polling outfit commissions a poll, their only known sample set are people who voted in 2016.
Therefore, we keep registering new voters. They are out there because Mr. Trump continues to enlarge his base.

Last week, there were 2 special elections. What was never reported was that Republican turnout set records.
Our voters are recognizing things — what happened to Michael Flynn;  the obstruction the President has dealt with; the calls by Democrats to defund the police; the silent approval by Democrats of the tearing down of our history and their refusal to condemn mob violence.

Our voters know that the very future  of a free and capitalist society is at stake.We are absolutely energized to make sure Republicans not only take the presidency, but keep the Senate and win back the House.

Peter Feaman  RPOF National Committeeman

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