Letter to the Editor on Gun Legislation

Too often we don’t hit back and support our Republican leadership when they are falsely attacked for standing up for our values. Here is a recent letter we wrote supporting Senator Rubio:

    It’s tiring to hear from Democrat party members railing against Senator Rubio about the gun issue when their party leadership has done next to nothing to  decrease the violence and killings across the country.  Instead, their policies have encouraged  defunding of police and supported  rogue prosecutors who fail to prosecute crime and  push for the elimination of cash bail. This has led to  offenders— including violent  criminals —being released back to the streets where police officers are discouraged from making arrests. 

This same party has supported extreme abortion policies that would  permit taking a sustainable life from  a woman’s womb, instead of advocating to help women who might make a different choice.   How is it possible to maintain a culture of nonviolence and safety when  this party continues to applaud and promote the killing of defenseless babies in the womb.  Nor has Biden’s Attorney General done a thing to address the left-wing group Jane’s Revenge and their call for “open season” against pro-life pregnancy centers, despite Senator Rubio’s repeated calls to investigate them.  

No reasonable person will argue against keeping dangerous weapons from the hands of criminals and deranged individuals.  Senator Rubio has been pushing for Red-flag legislation similar to that of Florida that would do just that and has the best chance of bipartisan support.  Conversely,  the hypocritical finger-pointing of Democrats on this issue is not going to get us anywhere.  It only serves as a different type of red flag to law-abiding citizens concerned that the left is after their second amendment rights.  

We encourage all Republicans to write letters to the local paper.  Don’t hand this local forum over to the Democrats no matter what you think of it.  Raise your voice.  

T. Murtha 

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