Liz Cheney Defeat - a Win Against Self-Serving Hypocrite


Liz Cheney went down last week as well she should have.  In the shadow of her power-hungry father, who made sad, ridiculous commercials viciously attacking Trump that were supposed to support his daughter during her ultimate march to the losing of her congressional seat, Liz’s hateful attacks on Trump stem from her own narcissistic drive for power.  She is so driven that she even threw her own gay sister under the bus to win her congressional seat initially.  Her spiteful, vengeful campaign was not about the people of the state she represented it was about her and Wyoming  told her in their primary they had enough of her. 

Let’s take a look at the Cheney legacy that Democrats are so quick to forget.   

Dick Cheney was  so reviled that his approval rating stood at a staggeringly low 13 percent  when he left office.  Do the Dems forget that during  the several months preceding the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, and thereafter, the then vice president Cheney became aware that no certain evidence existed of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Despite questions and uncertainties, Cheney  nevertheless proceeded to misrepresent the facts in his public statements, claiming that there was no doubt about the existence of chemical and biological weapons in Iraq and that a full-scale nuclear program was known to exist.

It was also at Dick Cheney’s urging, that the federal government spied on millions of non-terrorist Americans without a warrant, and it was Cheney who wanted the program to continue even after it was declared illegal.After his first round in the public sphere, Cheney, working at Halliburton, enriched himself to the tune of $44 million by exploiting contacts with various corrupt Arab autocrats that he made while drawing a public salary.  He returned again to public life as vice president with Halliburton donating  to his campaign, and then getting numerous lucrative contracts during the Bush administration.

Thank you Wyoming for putting an end to the Cheney public dynasty.   

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